Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaigns on Auto-Pilot!

When marketing to a prospect it is extremely important not to send the same mail piece month after month. Doing so tends to degrade your list and its performance. Which is why we love what we call "Cluster Marketing".  Call us at (844) 935-0009 and we will share the strategy behind this very successful marketing approach.

When prospecting and sending direct mail postcards it is crucial that you remember that you are not your prospect. Below are 3 sizes of postcards and two colors. Ask yourself which one size and which one color you like the best. Now ask yourself which size and color your prospect likes the best. It is extremely unlikely that all of or even a majority of you prospects like the size and color you do.

Which is why cluster marketing is such an outstanding approach to gain the attention of ALL of your prospects. 

It has been proven that people like choice and it has also been proven that two businesses selling similar products will sell more of their product if their business locations were within close proximity of one another. Perfect examples are shopping malls and auto malls. Why would Ford and Chevrolet build car lots next to each other... the answer is simple... To sell more cars. And when marketing we use the same logic by changing the size and color of our message.  

Now consider this. Why does coke a cola own several different bottled water brands. After all isn't it water inside the bottle... Another simple answer is that people like choice. Choice always wins. We here at PostcardsToday have simplified the process of attracting the majority of your prospect for you in what we call "Marketing Campaigns on Autopilot" 

If you want to supercharge your ROI give us a call and let us go over the details..